2167 S Centurion Place
Boise, ID. 83709-2865
Phone: (208) 297-3344
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About Competitve Crankshafts

Jeff Seebold started his career 22 years ago under the apprenticeship of his cousin, Curtis Seebold. After working with Curtis at DSMI for 2 years, he transferred to Langston’s Performance, where he invested an additional 5 years; he then moved on to start his own business, Competitive Crankshafts. For the past 15 years, Competitive Crankshafts has been building crankshafts for the top watercraft and Supercross race teams in the country, including Factory Honda, and DASA Racing. Most recently, Competitive Crankshafts has partnered with ADR Parts, which will enable them to offer the same outstanding service with the best quality parts on the market.